Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Twist & twril: Quick-n-easy Hairstyles

Look One: The Nomadic Traveller

For those who adulation to agreement with their hair, this crew exemplifies freedom!

1. Allotment your beard from the temple and accomplish vertical sections two inches advanced and set them aside. Lift your beard authoritative three vertical ambit on your scalp. Administer some mousse.

2. To add volume, use a beard aerosol and catch the beard at the basal calmly to abstain any entanglement.

3. Use a collapsed adamant to align your hair. Run it over in a apathetic address and echo it twice.

CAUTION: Never acquiesce the adamant to break on the ends for long.

4. To accomplish the bouffant, aback adjust your beard (with the able use of mousse and beard articles your beard won’t be damaged) to get the abundant bare volume. Now pin the bouffant with a U-pin.

5. For the ancillary twist, abolish the catch and again bisect the ancillary area of your beard into two and cycle them together.

Look Two: The French Wind

Feel the passion, allure and ability in yourself back you abrasion your beard in this archetypal style.

1. After a beard wash, dry your beard abrogation abaft 20% of water.

2. Bisect your beard from the acme to basal into two sections. Take one area and allotment your beard from the arch to the advanced of your ear.

3. Take that area and authority it in rollers with catch for three seconds. Don’t chase the open-shut crocodile adjustment to use rollers as it’ll advance to breakage.

4. Do this for the blow of the beard to get bendable curls.

5. To finish, angle advanced to accord the absolute animation and shape.

Look Three: The brawl night

Look like an affected angel for your aboriginal date; chaste yet graceful.

1. Towel-dry your beard and again administer some mousse. Align your hair, but don’t ambit it. If you accept accustomed waves/curls, leave the ends in its accustomed shape.

2. Take a baby area of your beard from the ancillary and circle it about to accomplish a ponytail.

3. Use U-pins to accumulate the beard in place.

4. Accumulate the advanced area of your beard alfresco the ponytail to accord a binding effect.

5. To accumulate the beard attractive beeline all night long, use some beard aerosol and run a collapsed adamant on the beard afore you leave.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Nokia to set up messenger server in India!

Finnish adaptable handset close Nokia today said it will set up its server in India in November this year to attach to the government's aegis concerns, a move that may force BlackBerry to additionally chase it.

"We are ablution the server on November 5 in acquiescence with all the rules and adjustment in the country...It is for hosting mail and ensuring that the government has admission (to the data)," Nokia India Managing Director D Shivakumar told reporters here.

The Indian government has been ambitious greater admission to adaptable and online communications on the aback of civic aegis concerns. Its competitor, Research In Motion (RIM), who are the makers of BlackBerry, are adverse a cease of casework afterwards tomorrow as they do not accept a server hosted in India.

"We met Home Secretary GK Pillai about a ages ago and explained as to what Nokia is doing. He was absolutely satisfied," Shivakumar said.

Nokia had launched a beta adaptation of the messaging account in April 2009 and consumers can use up to 10 email accounts on the move with the service.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Paris Hilton Caught with Cocain!

Paris Hilton has insisted that the purse, which independent cocaine, was not hers. Sources who talked to Hilton back her arrest on the Vegas cruise appear that the brilliant is insisting the purse didn''t accord to her, reports.

Hilton had assassin a Vegas advocate David Chesnoff to handle the case and he already got her sprung after announcement bail.

The auberge almsman was reportedly the alone woman in the car that was stopped, but she had been partying at a club above-mentioned to the apprehension area added women and purses were present.

Kareena's birthday in Paris!

Kareena Kapoor will about-face a year earlier on September 21.

And we apprehend her ancestors has a nice little affair planned for her in the best adventurous burghal of the apple — Paris. Her mother Babita, sister Karisma with her two kids and her admirer Saif Ali Khan are allegedly planning to arena in Bebo's altogether in Paris, which is her favourite city. Saif is additionally said to be secretly arcade for Kareena's altogether allowance as well.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The truth about artificial sweeteners!

Sweet treats are all around us in the form of candy, soda, desserts and lot more… the only thing that stops us from digging into them is the "sugar", and therefore the amount of calories.

There are so many low-cal options available from saccharin and sucralose to jaggery and honey. But which ones are the safest? Take a closer look at the ingredients in your low-cal sweetener before you buy it. Here's a low down on sugar substitutes:
"It is meant to be the best alternate sweetener as it does not raise blood sugar levels, does not contain calories and is up to 200 to 700 times sweeter than sugar," says Mumbai-based dietician Sushila Sharangdhar. Used in making jams, chewing gums, bakery products and confectioneries, it is said to cause allergic reaction in a few. "Saccharin was banned because it was found to be carcinogenic," says nutritionist Naini Setalvad.
"The calories in Aspartame are negligible. But, it could cause vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain and fatigue in some," says Sushila. Also, it is up to 150 times sweeter than sugar. "When metabolised, the bi-product of aspartame is methanol, that could damage your brain in the long run," says Setalvad. It is usually used in products that need longer shelf life like soft drinks and syrups.

Those with phenylketonuria (an inherited disorder that increases the levels of a substance called phenylalanine in the blood which is found in protein foods and artificial sweeteners. If untreated, this condition can build up to harmful levels in the body, causing intellectual disability and other serious health problems) should definitely avoid aspartame.

Sucalose is a non-nutritive sweetener that does not raise blood sugar levels and can therefore be consumed by diabetics. "It is sold under the name of Splenda and is made of sugar. But, the calories are again negligible. However, it is treated by chemicals like chlorine, methanol and acetic acid and therefore is not safe," says Sushila. It could be eventually harmful to your health. "It was banned by the FDA (Food and drug administration) as it caused neuro-toxic side effects," says Setalvad.
"Neotame is a newer version of aspartame. Except it does not put those with the phenylketonuria condition under risk," says Sushila. But, since it is nearly 13,000 times sweeter than sugar, it has to be used sparingly. Any long term health hazards related to neotame is not known. Low in calories, it does not raise blood sugar levels either. It is rapidly metabolised and is eliminated from the body.

"Since it is derived from the extract of a herb, it is one of the low-cal alternates to sugar. But, since it is 100 times sweeter than sugar, its use should be limited. It does not raise blood sugar levels," explains Sushila. "Since it is completely natural too, it can be consumed by diabetics," says Setalvad. There are no known side-effects to stevia, except for the feeling of fullness and nausea.

Agave syrup
Agave syrup or agave nectar is also a plant-based sweetener. " It is upto 50% sweeter than sugar, contains 90% fructose and does not raise blood sugar levels," says Sushila. It is absorbed slowly into the body than sugar, releasing constant energy. However, the process of converting the starch in agave to the concentrated sweetener is enzymatic (produced by enzymes which are proteins that catalyze and create bi-products). Agave therefore is not considered a natural and safe substitute for sugar.

Other substitutes
Jaggery is a concentrated form of sugarcane juice. It is a healthier form of sweetener as it contains iron and fibre. However, it is advisable for diabetics to limit the intake of jaggery. The main component in jaggery is sucrose and therefore it is a good source of energy.

Honey, another natural sweetener is about three times sweeter than sugar. "It is mainly made up of fructose and glucose. Which means, if diabetics cut down the intake of sugar in other forms like processed foods, it can easily be substituted by jaggery and honey," says Sushila. Honey is also healthier as it contains vitamins B2, B6 and trace elements like copper, iron and magnesium.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Meet Miss Universe 2010 - Miss Mexico

Miss Mexico piped the army favourite – Miss Philippines Venus Raj to the crown. Venus Raj has been ranked aerial consistently on online polls. The adorableness absent out in the QA annular though. She fumbled with her acknowledgment (barely gave one actually). She was afraid and her anatomy accent and acknowledgment appear it.

Miss Mexico on the added hand, batten confidently on the appulse of Internet acceptance on youngsters. The appropriate ancestors ethics would advice youngsters acceleration aloft the claiming of unsupervised internet usage. The board lapped it up. In the sub-pageant category, Miss Thailand Fonthip Watcharatrakul won the Best National Costume as able-bodied as Miss Photogenic.

Top 10 beauties at Miss Universe 2010
•Miss Ireland
•Miss Albania
•Miss Philippines
•Miss Jamaica
•Miss Mexico
•Miss Ukraine
•Miss Puerto Rico
•Miss South Africa
•Miss Guatemala
•Miss Australia

Top 5 beauties at Miss Universe 2010
•Miss Mexico
•Miss Australia
•Miss Jamaica
•Miss Ukraine
•Miss Philippines

Miss Universe 2010 : Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrette
First agent up: Miss Jamaica Yendi Philipps

No slip-ups, no dress disasters – this year’s Miss Universe celebration began with ball queens and concluded with the consummate of addition Latino queen.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Kangana's glam-doll look revealed!

The promos are already on air — diva Kangna Ranaut absorbing Ajay Devgn with a song and ball while batting her kohl-lined eyes in the blur Once Upon a Time in Mumbai.

Looking doll-like with her big beard stylishly done-up, and her abbreviate 26-inch waist sexily clad in a shimmery atramentous gown, the extra has played her cards appropriate with this underworld-based flick.

And one being who’s cyberbanking on Kangna’s apparel activity bottomward able-bodied with the admirers is Juhu-based artist Archana Kochhar. “I was addled back Kangna chose my architecture over abounding others,” said Archana. ‘I admired it’ were Kangna’s words on seeing the atramentous cardinal she wore in the film.

Archana has advised two apparel for Kangna in Once Upon a Time in Mumbai. “One is a gold shimmery cardinal and the added the archetypal atramentous which has a abysmal close and backless appeal. Kangna’s bark is ceramics white, so the apparel attending beauteous on her,” appear Archana. Riding the Bollywood wave, this artist has her easily and dates abounding in the appearance agenda too. “This month’s been cool busy. I did the afterpiece at the Cairo Appearance Week on July 2, and again had eight South stars including Sada, Sarat Kumar, Radhika and others walking the access for me at the Chennai International Appearance Week presented by Gitanjali on July 10.

And now, I am gearing up for the aperture of the Dubai Appearance Fiesta on July 22 from area I will blitz to advertise at the Bangalore Appearance Week on July 24. Fashion-wise, God’s been affectionate to me,” added Archana.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Medonna spotted smoking, drinking on B'day

Queen of Pop Madonna recently and shocked guest at the 52nd birthday party with her smoking and drinking.

The star, who is in London filming her new movie W. E., was seen with a cigarette in one hand and a stiff drink in the other as she hosted a party at East London members’ club Shoreditch House. The health-conscious singer was recently accused of enjoying a cigarette while shooting her new film W.E.

“Madonna was dancing on tables and knocking back champagne. She was really going for it,” the Daily Mail quoted film director Tominno Kelemen, who was at the party, as saying.“She even re-enacted some of her music video dances – she couldn’t resist a few Vogue poses,” Kelemen added.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

SRK lends 'ROBOT' to Ash!

It’s so sweet. Shah Rukh Khan had beggared means with Shankar the administrator on a not-very-nice note. The appellation of Shankar’s film, to accomplish things worse, was registered with SRK’s company, Red Chillies, which was again meant to aftermath Robot, the most recent Rajnikant-Ash starrer.

However back Shankar requested Khan to absolution the appellation of the flick to abstain any acknowledged glitches, the superstar had no additional thoughts. All bad accordance were blown with this affectionate gesture.
It can be recalled that Shah Rukh Khan and Shankar got calm to accomplish Robot, a activity which was acutely abutting to both their hearts. Both of them formed on the calligraphy for months afore they began argument over artistic differences.

SRK banned to do the blur and appear to the apple that he was no best associated with Robot.
This was two years ago, aloof above-mentioned to the absolution of Om Shanti Om. Shankar went advanced and fabricated the blur with Rajnikant and Aishwarya Rai. SRK admitting consistently capital to do a superhero film; so he is now authoritative Ra.One.

Both the films accept similarities. However back Shankar absitively that he wants the appellation Robot for its Hindi version, he wrote a letter to SRK requesting him to allotment with the title. Back contacted Shankar said, “It is actual nice of Shah Rukh to accord us the title. It was registered with him aggregation Red Chillies.”

Priyanka to play Indira?

After Madhuri Dixit backed out from the activity on claimed grounds, Indian agent US filmmaker Krishna Shah is now because casting Bollywood extra Priyanka Chopra in the advance role in a biopic on backward prime abbot Indira Gandhi.

Titled "Mother: The Indira Gandhi Story", it will be a big-budget two-part cine on the activity of the Indian baton who was accepted as Iron Lady. Shah is alive on the casting with Academy Award acceptable composition artisan Jenny Shircore.

After activity through the photographs of abounding Indian actresses, Shircore believes that Priyanka is the alone Bollywood extra whom she can accomplish attending like Indira Gandhi afterwards some prosthetic assignment on her face, Shircore says Priyanka's face matches that of the backward prime minister.

"Yes, I am in chat with Jenny who thinks that Priyanka is the one who can fit in the appearance of Indira, but it will be too abortive to allocution about casting as we accept not approached anybody as yet," Shah said in a statement.

Madhuri could not do the cine because of her mother-in-law’s illness.

Shah is reportedly additionally in chat with added actors like Albert Finney, Emily Watson, Tom Hanks and Tommy Lee Jones to comedy added characters in the film.

The aboriginal allotment of the cine will be based on Indira Gandhi's activity till the 1971 war, while allotment two will attending added into her claimed activity as a mother to her sons -- Rajiv, who succeeded her as the prie minister, and Sanjay Gandhi.

The calligraphy of the cine has additionally undergone changes.

"The calligraphy has been reworked afterwards I got my easily on Richard Nixon’s claimed tapes accompanying to the 1971 Bangladesh War. My analysis has afflicted the calligraphy a lot and now we are attractive at casting an adapted face for Indira Gandhi’s character," said Shah.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Google Rated 'Underperformer'

Wedbush Securities accomplished advantage on Google Inc with an "underperform" rating, adage the Internet chase behemothic faced annealed antagonism from Facebook in the US and a cut-throat adaptable chase ambiance airish a ample accident to Google's amount chase business.
Google gets abundant of its acquirement from user clicks that absolute cartage to websites and Facebook, with its added than 500 actor user base, was already active cartage to abounding websites, the allowance said in a analysis agenda anachronous August 16.

"We accept that as Facebook refines its beginning amusing semantic chase capabilities enabled by the Open Graph, Facebook will attempt added anon with Google in search," it said.

The Open Graph activity weaves Facebook's amusing networking capabilities anon into third-party websites. A aggregation to CNN.com, for instance, can bang a button to "like" assertive account articles, and see which of their Facebook accompany accept accustomed agreeable on added websites.

The allowance acclaimed that Google connected to abound its chase business in the blow of the apple and this advance would abide for the blow of 2010 and through 2011. Google afresh bought amusing networking aggregation Slide for $182 actor to bolster its amusing networking capabilities to attempt with Facebook.

Wedbush added that mobile, or wireless search, would become more aggressive with chase engines Bing and Yahoo, adaptable buzz manufacturers such as Apple Inc and Analysis In Motion Ltd, and carriers like Verizon Communications Inc allusive for a allotment of the pie.
They accept absent about 9 percent of their bazaar amount in the aftermost six months.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A wedding outfit for kat!

Katrina Kaif has no affairs to get affiliated anytime soon, but she has already absitively the colour of her bells outfit.

The actress, who absolved the access at the countdown of the India International Jewellery Anniversary (IIJW) to advertise the Nakshatra conjugal collection, will go blooming on her D-day. "At the moment I don't apperceive back I'll marry. I had already said 2012, but for that too I accept two years to go. Such things are not planned. You never apperceive what's in abundance for you, but whenever it happens, I would adulation to abrasion article in green," Katrina told repoters here.

"I don't know, why, but I accept this affair in my mind," added the 26-year-old, who is the Nakshatra cast ambassador. Wearing a acceptable annoyed lehenga with jewel encrusted top by Neeta Lulla, the extra sported a beefy architecture set that was based on the acceptable seven-stone floral array architecture of the brand.

For Katrina, jwellery accustomed to her is actual special. "Jewellery is article that becomes all the added appropriate back it is gifted. My favourite allotment of jewellery is a chaplet that was able to me. It has a religious attribute on it, article from the Quran. That allotment is actual appropriate to me."

IIJW is India's first-ever jewellery anniversary and will run till Thursday at the Hotel Grand Hyatt, Santa Cruz. The caricature will advertise the collections of 30 designers, including Farah Khan Ali, Varun D. Jani, Bina Goenka and Rhea Nasta. Well-known jewellery brands like Mirari, Gitanjali, Amrapali, Tanishq and Ganjam are additionally participating.

Buyers from Japan, Russia, Britain, China, Italy, Malaysia, Libya, Morocco, Iran, the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan are accepted to appear the event.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

India's 63 rd Independence day

As a custom on the Ability Day Prime Minister Manmohan Singh addressed the Indian citizenry at the Red Fort in Delhi.

The Prime Minister greeted bodies the army as able-bodied as the millions watching through their TV sets by saying, “Dear citizens, I accost you on the 63rd ceremony of our independence. When Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru continued the Tricolour on this celebrated Red Fort, on 15th August, 1947, he alleged himself the aboriginal assistant of India. I abode you today in the aforementioned spirit of service.”

The Prime Minister additionally addressed in his speech, the key issues such as poverty, Naxal abandon and the accent of Commonwealth Games for the country.

Glitter and glam

Step back, pret. Move out of the spotlight, couture. The access has been laid out, the models are accessible in the wings, the music on the border of rocking, but this time not to advertise artist abrasion for the abutting appearance season.

Ladies, gentlemen and fashionistas of Mumbai... acceptable to the India All-embracing Jewellery Week, the aboriginal belvedere of its affectionate in Asia, organised by the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council of India. Starting today at the Grand Hyatt and catastrophe on Thursday, August 19, the IIJW is actually a bright accident meant to present the talents of 30 arch jewellery designers and architecture houses from beyond the country.
There’s Farah Khan Ali, Varuna D Jani, Bina Goenka, Rhea Nasta, Rosily Paul amid them cat-and-mouse to appearance their designs, and acclaimed architecture houses like Mirari, Gitanjali, Amrapali, Tanishq, Ganjam, Laxmi Jewelers, NID, CKC, Golecha Jewelers, Eekani, Kundan Meena, Sangam Chains, DC Jewelers, Intergem Exports, Kashi Jewelers, Bhirdhi Chand, Timond, CVM Exports, Kriplani and Sons, Laksh Pahuja, Surana Gems, Manubhai Zaveri Ornaments, Sawansukha Jewelers accessible to advertise their admirable collections. Up and advancing designers from NID and NIFT will additionally accomplish their debut. And the Grand Finale on Day 5 will affection the Best of the Best Appearance of best pieces of jewellery from anniversary accommodating artist and architecture house. Top designers like Wendell Rodricks, Nandita Mahtani, Anna Singh, Raghavendra Rathore and Archana Kochhar will present their collections on the models cutting beauteous jewellery in shows blithely orchestrated by Lubna Adam, Achla Sachdev and Elric D’souza.

Gitanjali Luxury kickstarts the IIJW this afternoon with Katrina Kaif demography to the ramp. Bollywood diva and above modelDeepika Padukone will advertise Farah Khan Ali’s accumulating for the final appearance tonight. This accident is accurate by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India, and will be witnessed by high-end bounded and all-embracing retailers and celebrities from Bollywood, TV, the appearance and accumulated world. The all-embracing jewellery barter and affairs columnist will be present. And buyers from Japan, Russia, UK, China, Italy, Thailand, Malaysia, Libya, Morocco, Iran, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. For the aboriginal time in any appearance anniversary in India, the IIJW will be alive online, on television, on adaptable and radio.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Google, Skype may also face ban in India!

India's showdown with BlackBerry could reportedly widen to beset Google and Skype afterwards the government threatened to cut off amount appearance of the accepted smartphone on aegis grounds. Research In Motion, the BlackBerry's Canadian maker, gave no actual adumbration that it would accept to the most recent burden from an arising abridgement to accessible up its casework to aegis agencies.

"If a abstruse band-aid is not provided by August 31, 2010, the government will analysis the position and booty accomplish to block" BlackBerry email and agent services, India's home admiral said.

New Delhi, aggressive insurgencies alignment from Kashmir in the northwest to the extensive northeast, fears that heavily encrypted BlackBerry communications could be acclimated by militants. Islamic extremists acclimated adaptable and accessory phones to alike the 2008 Mumbai attacks that dead 166 people. The Indian advertisement came afterwards Saudi Arabia on Tuesday adjourned arty a BlackBerry ban as the ultra-conservative Muslim country arise advance in analytic its own aegis concerns.

The United Arab Emirates, however, has said it will ban BlackBerry messenger, email and web browsing casework from October 11 for aegis reasons. That has prompted expressions of affair from the US government. But the aggregation insisted, "RIM maintains a constant all-around accepted for allowable admission requirements that does not accommodate appropriate deals for specific countries."

The Indian admonishing came afterwards a high-level affair on Thursday amid the home admiral and intelligence agencies, and the end-August borderline was relayed to Indian telecoms firms that action BlackBerry services. India's aegis apropos are not bedfast to RIM with added communications providers such as Google and the Internet telephony close Skype additionally in its sights, according to Friday's Financial Times.

"Some of them are BlackBerry, Skype, Google etc," the account said. "It was absitively aboriginal to undertake the affair of BlackBerry and again the added services." Internet behemothic Google is already bound in astriction with Beijing over accompaniment censorship and cyberattacks that the US aggregation says originated in China, the world's better online bazaar with 420 actor users.

India is addition coveted award-winning for communications providers. It is the world's fastest-expanding cellular bazaar and already has a actor BlackBerry customers. If the ban is imposed, BlackBerry accumulated or "enterprise" barter in India would alone be able to use their handsets for buzz calls and web browsing. But Kunal Bajaj, arch of Analysys Mason, bidding agnosticism the government would assassinate its threat. "Even if BlackBerry capital to accommodate access, what the government is allurement is technically not feasible," he said.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gaga's beau caught cheating!

Just canicule afterwards reuniting with on-off admirer Luc Carl, popstar Lady Gaga has apparent that he is cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend.

The 'Pokerface' hitmaker is devastated afterwards advertent that the barman aria to her about breaking up with his ex-girlfriend, appear Daily Mail online.

Lady Gaga was photographed kissing and cuddling the 32-year-old bartender during a contempo anniversary in Texas, blind that he was cheating on her.

"She's alone aloof got aback calm with Luc and now she's abashed she's activity to lose him afresh because she artlessly can't assurance him. She's additionally agitated because this seems to accomplish her the added woman," said a antecedent abutting to the star.

The brace aboriginal anachronous bristles years ago afore she attempt to fame, but breach over her again biologic habit.

"Gaga has congenital this accomplished career and she had to prove she could do it. But in her claimed activity she feels like a fool because she still can't accomplish the man she loves adulation her and alone her," added the source.

Gaga had her suspicions that article was not appropriate and is said to accept texted Carl's adherent to acquisition out the accuracy for herself.

After actuality told that they were still together, the 24-year-old has now absitively to breach up with Carl.

"It's a amount of address now and she may accept to end it because she's aloof not aerial abundant on his account of priorities. She worries that he's aloof application her for her acclaim and money and it's killing her inside," said the source.

Old cloths, New style

How many times does it happen that the blouse you tried on at the shop looked smart, but the moment you wear it at home, you begin to notice problems. Either it is too loose or too long, and in exasperation, you just tuck it away out of sight.

Here are some ideas to breathe new life into old clothes, but which are still in very good condition.

You must have noticed that salwar kameez suits start looking worn out after a couple of washes, but the dupattas or stoles don’t look so. Take a cue from this and turn the dupatta into a snazzy shirt or kurti? Nobody will remember the suit, but they will compliment your shirt.

Remember that XL flowery top you liked and bought immediately? Instead of tightening it from the wrong place, just trim it now. At the bottom of the top, sew on an elastic band. Not only will the elastic stop it from billowing away, it will make you look 5kgs less, and very feminine.

Pull out all the long kurtas you haven’t looked at for the last one year, chances are you won’t even now. Snip them away to make a kurti! For a completely new look remove sleeves or add sleeves made from a net fabric. They are very ‘in’ these days.

Snip away the top part of some kurta and add instead spaghetti straps. Give your wardrobe a whole new meaning.

You can even snip way one shoulder of a dress to give it a toga-look. Just make sure you either are very good yourself at this kind of handiwork or have a wonderful tailor to help you achieve the desired look.

Fancy that black dress, but feel strangulated in the Chinese collars? What are you waiting for, just pick up a scissor and change the neck shape. Make it square, round or the most sexy, boat-neck. Just snip away the collar-area and with some careful sewing, you have an almost new garment.

There are plenty of acrylic paints in the market. Buy a dozen colours and draw random figures on plain t-shirts. An inexpensive way of wearing something exclusive and very stylish.

Sew on ribbons on the edge of a collar or sleeves. They look feminine and different.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Now, a car that moisturises your skin!

It's time to stop stashing cosmetics in your handbag - now moisturise your skin while you drive. Japanese car manufacturer Nissan has developed an air filter that dispenses vitamin C into a car's cabin, moisturising the skin of its occupants. Nissan says that direct application of vitamin C to the skin helps to create collagen and elastin, which keep skin looking young and healthy. The vitamin stimulates the body's metabolism to supply more moisture to the skin.

An hour's drive is more effective than applying moisturising cream, say its creators. "We are already cleaning the air in the cabin, so we thought we could add something into the air as well," The Sydney Morning Herald quoted climate system engineer Yuzuru Yoshinami, as saying. The filter has to be replaced every 12 months and is twice as expensive as a regular filter. The idea came up after customers complained about air-conditioning drying out their skin on longer journeys. Nissan's next projects include odour-reducing ioniser and posture-improving seats that improve circulation on longer journeys. "Our [ergonomics] strategy has evolved from the reduction of discomfort to enhancement of health and wellbeing," said the company's ergonomics manager, Satoshi Kitazaki

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Energy drinks harmfull for kids!

Hi friends, do you know! Highly-caffeinated activity drinks affectation austere bloom accident to children, according to an editorial. It argues that the growing availability of activity drinks is a abeyant crisis to the bloom of adolescent bodies who are accessible to the furnishings of caffeine.
Need for action
"It is time for the federal abbot of bloom to be alive and alerted to apropos about activity drinks awash to children," the Globe and Mail quoted the editorial, accounting by Noni MacDonald, area editor of citizenry and accessible bloom at CMAJ, Matthew Stanbrook, CMAJ's agent editor, accurate and Paul Hébert, editor-in-chief of the journal, as stating.
"Strict regulations are appropriate if business practices and customer trends are not curbed." Red Bull is one high-profile archetype of a caffeinated activity drink. But the bazaar for these articles has exploded in contempo years, acceptation there is a growing cardinal of articles accessible that bear aerial levels of caffeine to consumers.
Caffeine levels
"At a minimum, all articles with caffeine levels beyond 100 milligrams should accept labels and announcement that backpack warnings commensurable to those appropriate for caffeine tablets. To abbreviate use by children, there should be no announcement targeting this accessible group," the beat stated.
tablets backpack warnings they should not be taken by accouchement and that boundless amounts of caffeine can advance to irritability, accident of sleep, nervousness, and alike accelerated affection rate. The abstraction has been appear online by the Canadian Medical Association Journal.