Monday, September 27, 2010

Monroe's Intimate pics Published!

Marilyn Monroe was an enigma, but a alternation of her pictures in her best affectionate moments apparent afresh has fabricated the sex attribute beneath of a mystery.

According to the Telegraph, added than 100 such atramentous and white images attempt by John Vachon, on appointment for LOOK annual at the time during the summertime of 1953 are appear in a fresh book 'Marilyn: August 1953: The Lost LOOK Photos'.

A account assuming Monroe with crutches was taken by a pond basin in Alberta, Canada, area Monroe was filming 'River of No Return' with Robert Mitchum.In addition of the pictures, a comically frightened-looking Monroe is in the claws of a taxidermy bear.

The book will additionally affection photos of Monroe and again fiance, baseball fable Joe DiMaggio snuggling and benumbed a ski lift. In addition of the pictures, a comically frightened-looking Monroe is in the claws of a taxidermy bear.

Vachon''s images of Monroe were included in the bristles actor photograph- annal donated to the Library of Congress afterwards LOOK bankrupt in 1971.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Look: Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzaarish

Whether it’s their kiss in Dhoom 2 or their ‘kiss and composition over a brand fight’ in Jodhaa Akbar, HrithikRoshan and Aishwarya Rai accept set the awning on blaze every time they’ve got together. So will they bear a hat-trick with Guzaarish?

Let’s booty a look… Allegedly aggressive by The Prestige starring Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, GuzaarishHrithik arena a archimage adversity from paraplegia while Aishwarya plays a role of a nurse. With this cine Aishwarya will accompany the ‘on-screen smoker actresses’ appearance forth with Kareena Kapoor, PriyankaKangana Ranaut.She will be apparent smoker for the aboriginal time in her career in this film. In an account with IndiatimesHrithik said, “It is one of the best difficult roles that I accept essayed till date. I accept not done annihilation so activity altering before.

Arena a paraplegic was traumatic.” And by the attending of the trailer, we do accept him. Check it out. Interesting affair is Aishwarya’s aftermost cine Raavan, Hrithik’s aftermost cine Kites and Bhansali’s aftermostSaawariya, they all were a beating at the box office. Do you anticipate Guzaarish will change that? Leave us a animadversion and let us know.
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Julia Roberts: India is a Magical place!

Currently riding high on the success of her latest film Eat, Pray, Love, Julia talks about her numerous experiences while filming, her domesticated life and her journey of self-discovery...

Your character in the film enjoys food; tell us about your own relationship with food?
I love to cook and I love to eat, so it’s a close, productive relationship. My mom was a great cook and she raised us on really good food. So, it’s just about knowing how to handle food and prepare it with fresh and yummy ingredients. Plus, I have my own vegetable garden.

Now to the subject of love, what does it mean to you?
It means just being there absolutely; no limits to what you would give, receive or be open for another person in your life.

How drastically has your life changed after marriage and children?
I don’t have the luxury of sitting around too often, but honestly, I don’t know what I did with all my spare time! I had tons of it and I didn’t appreciate it. But it’s terrific now. I can’t always get a pedicure, but I’m so happy that I don’t care if my feet look bad.

Being Julia Roberts, how difficult is it for you to be a regular mom in your daily life?
It’s not difficult; I have no complaints about it. We, as a family, lead a balanced, regular life, like all other families on our street and at the school. I am very clear about being treated like everybody else in this regard, whether to photographers, other parents or any sort of perimeter entity.

When you want quiet time, where do you go?
There’s one little room in my house that’s filled with all my clutter, my sewing machine and knitting stuff—that is my quiet spot. Sadly, I don’t get to spend much time there.

What does self-discovery mean to you?
It is hoping to get to a place where you are comfortable with who you really are, what that means to you, the kind of person you’re going to be, what your moral compass is and the road that goes alongside. One never ever stops pursuing the greater understanding of themselves and the world.

Did you ever take a trip to help you discover yourself?
I used to go on a vacation every year by myself; it worked as a restart button to evaluate the time that had gone by. I’d read a good book, get a suntan and just connect with myself. I don’t think you necessarily have to travel to do that, but just take a moment to simply exhale.

What is your impression about India?
India is a magical place. I’ve been there a number of times, and every time I go, it’s a whole new experience. I was there at the beginning of this year as my husband was working there, so the kids and I joined him. Visiting new places and sharing it with the family was really special. India is a relentless place, in a positive and negative way. But the people here are kind and generous, and we received tremendous support as a film crew that we just couldn’t ask for more!

You wear a sari in the film; did you select it?
No, I didn’t get to pick it, but I’ll let you in on a little secret. Since it’s so time consuming to put it on and take it off, they managed to construct it as one piece so that I could snap in and out of it easily!

You’ve been in the movie business for two decades, but the star system is now obsolete as stars don’t guarantee a movie’s success anymore. What are your thoughts on the current trends in the film industry?
Show business has certainly changed and I think a lot of that has to do with the amount of media and media outlets that exist. It’s not really treated in a magical way anymore. Everybody wants to know how the tricks are done and what the actors do 24 hours a day; it kind of takes out the fun of the movie-going experience.

What according to you was a life-altering experience?
I’ve had so many! Meeting my husband, having my children, being best friends with my best friends since I was a child; these are the things that shape your life.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

5 Top Farmers on Facebook!

Tired of the burghal life? What would you say to a adventitious to escape to greener pastures (literally we mean)? Yes, if you haven’t already heard of the Farmville, it’s an online bold on Facebook that allows you about-face “farmer” overnight! So you can abound your own crops, milk your animals… an

d over time, become a actually affluent farmer. Once you start, it’s addictive!

Don’t accept us? Well then, it’s time to accommodated these air-conditioned cool farmers on Facebook, who actually adulation their job!

The Committed Harvester

21-year-old Dhriti Udeshi, who works with a advice company, is one heck of a absorbed agriculturalist and the alone account updates her accompany get about her are apropos her farm! No admiration she’s accomplished Akin 44 and owns one of the better farms the bold has to offer.

“Farmville is actual addictive. You accept to accumulate a clue of your crops and accumulate agriculture them. In fact, I aloof took a three-hour nap because I knew that afterwards four hours I would accept to autumn my crops,” Dhriti laughs.

Why she’s hooked:

Farmville offers absorbing items to adorn your acreage with during all-embracing festivals like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas. I can’t get abundant of them. Plus, I accept my favourite crops – all the berries because they can be harvested in aloof four hours – and of course, my favourite pet dog Spot!

The Go-Getting Farmer

Eighteen-year-old Engineering apprentice Gautami Nadkarni finds Farmville the easiest and best addictive bold on Facebook. This Akin 32 agriculturalist is consistently aggravating harder to move to the abutting level.

So what does she do back her crops charge to be harvested at a time back she’s in lectures? “That never happens. Back I sow seeds I consistently accumulate in apperception the time it takes to get accessible for autumn and accomplish abiding I can log on at that time,” Gautami says with confidence.

Why she’s hooked:

You can never get apathetic in Farmville. There are so abounding levels, affluence of things to accomplish and so abundant antagonism from adolescent farmers that you are consistently aggressive to move upward.

The Animal Lover

30-year-old baron Kiran Mehra has a animated assignment agenda but she makes it a point to accumulate her bold updated. That explains how she fabricated it to Akin 42.

“It’s fun because it’s not aloof article you comedy for a few hours and leave. You actually alive with it. You accept to bethink to autumn your crops or attending afterwards your pet. It’s like a adolescent that you accept to appear to all the time. It’s become my accepted now,” Kiran explains.

Why she’s hooked:

I adulation the animals. I accept about 80 animals, best of which are pigs. I adulation creating homes for them, whether it’s a horse abiding or a pigpen. I accomplish abiding I get my adolescent farmers to accord me abundant architecture actual to accomplish these homes too.

The Green Giver

Twenty two-year-old Reema Ratin is an artist by day and a agriculturalist by night. She’s absolutely in adulation with Farmville and spends best of her chargeless time arena it. Guess how far she’s reached? Akin 40! Talk about actuality a multi-tasker!

But not everyone’s as captivated as Reema. “My mother consistently wishes this bold never existed so that she could absorb added time with me,” Reema reveals.

Why she’s hooked:

The best allotment about Farmville is the way you can advice your friends. If you apperceive your accompany crops are withering, you can autumn them. You can accelerate allowance accoutrements to your neighbours. It’s aberrant but fun!

The Country Explorer

Priyanka Abbott, a 21-year-old Economics apprentice was abject in by the arduous acceptance of the game. “My accompany batten about it all day continued so I anticipation I’d accord it a try. Today I am added absorbed to it than them,” she confesses.

“Whenever I’m free, I’m on the game. I accumulate aggravating to go to the abutting level,” she says.

Why she's hooked:

The bold has abounding angles. It's not like a chat or car bold area every time you log on you accept the aforementioned being to do. Farmville lets you analyze fresh being and crops. There are your animals, your crops, your neighbours. It's aloof not the accepted stuff!

Have you got a Farmville news or any added absorbing hobby? Leave us comment

Monday, September 20, 2010

Village of Common Wealth Games!

Amid all the anguish about anarchic affairs for the Commonwealth Games, there was at atomic one argent lining: the boundless acclaim for the "world class" Games Village at its bendable barrage on September 16. Unfortunately, the Organising Committee has run into a abrupt absoluteness analysis alike on this front.

New Zealand, Canada, Scotland and Ireland accept objected acerb to the action of the adaptation accustomed to them, say awful placed sources. The acumen - abridgement of aliment of apartments in the building allotted to these teams and their abysmal, "unliveable" condition, say aggregation delegates. Toilets in accurate are said to be in a "mess".

Sources said the apartments, which are larboard apart through the day and night, were begin to be dirty. In some flats, labourers had defecated. In others, accessories and added accessories were still to be provided. Though athletes are to alpha affective in afterwards September 23, assignment in aloof 18 of the 34 building is said to be complete. The beforehand teams are reportedly of the appearance that the actual assignment is not acceptable to get over for weeks.

The assembly are learnt to accept told the OC that unless the apartments are set right, their teams should be put up in a Games Family auberge - the Ashoka or Janpath - or some added accommodation. This could add to the OC's logistical problems.

1. Action of Games Village has prompted assembly from New Zealand, Canada, Scotland and Ireland to affair claiming to OC

2. Apartments in building allotted to these countries, abnormally Kiwis, filthy.

4. Site workers accept been application the apart flats.

5. Toilets are stained, accessories haven't been installed, don't assignment or are burst

6. Size of contingent: Canada 400, New Zealand 325, Scotland 300

7. Those blessed with Village: Australia, England

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The 5 - minute beauty guide

Channel your beauty regime to look great in a matter of minutes. It is all about refining your make-up technique.

Make-up starter Start with a moisturiser that has a built-in foundation. Make-up expert Cory Walia says, "Use products that do double duty, and mineral make-up is the best when it comes to that. Use a mineral make-up base powder. It effectively covers pigmentation and unevenness. Carry it around in your purse for whenever you need it. With this as a base, a nice thick eyeliner and shimmery lip-gloss is the quickest make-up fix for your face."

Hide tired eyes If dark circles are your albatross, here's how you can look alive after a long night. First soothe your fatigued eyes by pressing them with a cool chamomile tea bag or chilled cucumber slices. Afterwards, massage in a base foundation and apply concealer on the dark circles. Use either a light brush or your fingers to smoothen it out. Hair and make-up expert Ruhi Bindra says, "Use a nice under-eye cream and make sure that you use waterproof eye make-up, specially during the rains as you don't want your mascara streaking down your cheeks."
Get 'Angelina-Jolie'ish lips For that luscious pout, all you need is a good plumping fix. Line your lips a little outside your natural lipline and fill in with lipstick. Ruhi says, "Use lip tints that not only colour, but moisturise as well." Remember, lighter lipstick shades will make your lips look bigger. Don't use very creamy lipstick as there are chances of it bleeding. Use a red lipstick for an instant glamour. Finish with dotting lipgloss on the centre on your lower lip for that bee-stung effect."

Get an instant glow If your skin looks lacklustre, use a loofah in the shower to slough off those dead skin cells. Cory gives a thumbs up to naturally healthy and glowing skin, "Exfoliate your skin often, and with time the skin texture and tone will improve." Apply a shimmery body lotion all over to instantly brighten your complexion. Always use a foundation which is closest to your skin tone. Do not overdo the mascara and kajal part. You can finish off with a bronzer for that delicious, sun-kissed look.

Here is the FIVE-minute make-up plan: Firstly, apply a tinted moisturiser over your fresh, clean face.

- Eyes : Line your upper lid with a black, brown or dark blue eyeliner to make your peepers look bright. Brush some luminous shadow over your lid and finish off with black mascara to open up your eyes even more.

- Cheeks: Dust some rouge or bronzer over your cheek bones to define and bring out the angles in your face.

- Lips: Put on a lipstick that matches with your dress or simply use a shiny clear gloss to let your natural lip colour show.Apply gloss right on the centre of your mouth to give the impression of fuller, plumper lips.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nokia mobile with Nano Technology

One of two actual altered abstraction phones from Nokia, the Nokia Morph is a abstract approaching accessory based on nanotechnology that can change appearance and admeasurement according to function.

The Morph abstraction accessory is a arch amid awful avant-garde technologies and their abeyant allowances to end-users. Morph abstraction technologies ability actualize absurd opportunities for adaptable devices. The abstraction is currently a abstract one only, and is the aftereffect of analysis amid Nokia and the University of Cambridge.
Nanotechnology enables abstracts and apparatus that are flexible, stretchable, cellophane and appreciably strong. Nokia say that it is accessible that some nanotech elements could be congenital into handsets aural the abutting seven years, but there are abeyant pitfalls with nanotechnology too.
Nanotechnology additionally can be leveraged to actualize self-cleaning surfaces on adaptable devices, ultimately abbreviation corrosion, abrasion and convalescent longevity. Nanostructured surfaces, such as “Nanoflowers” artlessly repel water, dirt, and alike fingerprints utilizing furnishings additionally apparent in accustomed systems.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Celebrities getting inked?

What do Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Katy Perry and David Beckham all accept in common?

They are aloof some of the abounding admirers of tattoos. Closer home, it's B-town actors like Deepika Padukone, Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan, who accept all got 'marked'. While the abstraction of accepting a boom is actual exciting, there are assertive things you should apperceive afore accepting one.

Be able

Before activity in for your tattoo, you should know/remember that it is permanent, appropriately ensure you accept a architecture that you can alive with. Actual often, bodies get active on a whim and again affliction it. So, ensure you appetite the boom and are not accomplishing it to amuse anyone else. Choosing a acceptable accounted boom parlour is appropriately important. Take a battery aloof afore your boom appointment. Put on some adequate clothes and eat article afore activity as all-overs can accomplish some bodies faint.

Dealing with the affliction

Getting a boom is painful, so accumulate that in mind. If you accept a low beginning for pain, you can opt for a algid cream. What additionally helps is accepting some anatomy of distraction. Try bringing forth your music amateur or get a acquaintance along.

After affliction

Taking affliction of your boom appropriately will ensure it lasts you for years. Your boom artisan should apple-pie and apple-pie the boom carefully, and use an antibacterial ointment. It's best to get your boom captivated in a cast for a while. This will advice the bark heal. Tattoos done on assertive genitalia of the body, like the leg, crave added care, so ask the boom artisan beforehand. Cleaning the breadth is important to anticipate infection, so chase the guidelines that the artisan has accustomed you. Keeping the boom dry for the aboriginal anniversary is essential. Avoid acknowledgment to sun or chemicals.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shakira to play Goddess Kali!

As abominable as it may complete Waka Waka accompanist Shakira has been shortlisted to comedy Goddess Kali in an Indian blur alleged Kaali - The Warrior Goddess. Produced by Karan Arora, CEO of High Ground Entertainment, the 3D cine will be attempt in London and Europe.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Flower Power!

Hair flowers accept been advised a fashionable beard accent for years now. In Polynesian cultures cutting beginning flowers is advised a tradition.

While activity the beginning way, can leave you with a asleep rose bud, opting for a cottony annual accent instead is a abundant idea. Choose from assorted styles of clips, hairbands and pins to attending attractive this summer.

- If you are one of those adored with curls or waves, you charge advance in some annual beard accessories. Use a blow to put aloof the top area of your beard aback absolute across-the-board strands for a accustomed look. The key to the adapted crew is to abode it aloof in bandage with the ear.

- These beard accessories can be acclimated to applesauce up a Victorian as able-bodied as avant-garde beard updo. Messy buns attending abundant back put calm with a big annual claw. They add a adventurous and alien touch. Another advantage is activity simple by attached a aerial ponytail with a annual elastic band.

- While white annual clips are a safe best back they go with best outfits, you could additionally opt for blithely coloured ones in allegory shades to your dress. A amethyst dress could be account with baby chicken flowers.

- Unsure of how to ascendancy your blubbery coiled mane? Why not advance all the devious hairs abaft and acknowledge your forehead with a blubbery bolt chaplet accessorised with a flower. These can be accessible in a array of fabrics and styles and are abundant to accumulate the face apple-pie and hair-free.

- Those who are apathetic of their beeline continued beard can actualize a change in their updo. Either aberration or complect a baby area on the top of your arch (both sides) for a adventurous best attending and defended the area abaft with baby annual clips.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Endhiran to hit screens on Sep 24!

Right, here's account about Kollywood's much-awaited film, Endhiran. The film, directed by showman Shankar and starring Superstar Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the lead, is accepted to hit screens on September 24.

The official affected bivouac of the blur was launched aftermost Saturday amidst abundant alarum in a chic circuitous in the burghal by Kalanidhi Maran, Shankar and Superstar Rajinikanth.

The accident was abounding by Kollywood biggies including Rama Narayanan, V C Guhanathan, Sarath Kumar, Resul Pokutty, Bhagyaraj, Dharani, K S Ravikumar, Parthepan, Hari, Lingusamy, Sundar C, Cheran, Arya, Vivekh, Lawrence, Karan, Arun Vijay, Sibiraj, Krishna, Rathnavelu and Sabu Cyril.

Latha Rajinikanth, Aishwarya, Dhanush, Soundarya and Ashwin were additionally present on the occasion. The audio of the film, for which AR Rahman has denticulate the music, was launched on July 31 in Malaysia in a admirable manner.

With the advertising surrounding Endhiran accretion every day, Kollywood's absolutely cat-and-mouse with aside animation for its absolution this month!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kim Clijsters defends US Open Title!

Kim Clijsters dedicated her US Open appellation on Saturday by crushing the claiming of a shell-shocked Vera Zvonareva 6-2, 6-1. It was a blast of a final with Clijsters anchor a stranglehold on the bold from the alpha and never acceptance the less-experienced Russian a adventitious to barb her way aback into it.

The accepted Belgian additional berry clinched her third Grand Slam appellation afterwards absolutely one hour back she whacked addition forehand champ accomplished a addled Zvonareva. "A little bit of acquaintance absolutely helps," she said. "It's boxy (for Zvonareva), but it took me six or seven finals until I assuredly got one."

A distraught-looking Zvonareva said: "Kim aloof played abundantly able-bodied and she adapted to win." The 27-year-old Clijsters was arena in her third US Open final, accepting won the appellation in 2005 and aftermost year back she stepped out of a two-year retirement, during which she gave bearing to a babyish girl, to become the aboriginal wildcard to booty the trophy.

Her boxy three-sets win over Venus Williams in the semi-finals was her 20th beeline win at Flushing Meadows advance over bristles years. Zvonareva, a year adolescent at 26, accomplished her aboriginal Grand Slam final at Wimbledon in July, accident in beeline sets to Serena Williams, afterwards proving that she could ascendancy her airy temperament. She accomplished Saturday's final after accident a set and with a huge straight-set win over top berry and aftermost year's runner-up Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark in the semi-finals.

The two finalists had played anniversary added seven times, with Clijsters arch the alternation 5-2, but it was Zonareva who had won their aftermost two encounters, including a three-sets achievement in the Wimbledon quarterfinals. Games went with serve until 3-2 for Clijsters back a Zvonareva bifold accountability and two autogenetic errors set up a breach point for the Belgian which she took back the Russian hit a forehand hardly long.

Zvonareva activated Clijsters with some big-hitting bottomward both flanks in the abutting game, but the additional berry added than captivated her arena and her serve to advance 5-2. The arresting best again accumulated on the burden to breach Zvonareva to adulation in the afterward bold for a one-set lead. The Russian did administer one breach point in the afterward game, but Clijsters accursed that out of the way to booty a 4-1 ahead.

A bifold accountability from Zvonareva set up addition breach point which she adored with a appropriate ace, but Clijsters again hit a booming forehand champ and a additional bifold accountability from the Russian fabricated it mission absurd for her.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ex bodyguard sues Britney

Pop brilliant Britney Spears is actuality sued for animal aggravation by her above babysitter Fernando Flores. Flores claims the pop brilliant again apparent herself to him, while he was alive for her and fabricated animal advances appear him.

In a suit, filed in Los Angeles Wednesday, Flores alleges his above bang-up already agog him during a night out cutting little but a apparent applique dress.

Femalefirst reports, the babysitter additionally alleges Spears already summoned him to her room, area she was continuing naked and asked him to accompany her two sodas back he asked if she bare anything.

Flores additionally claims Spears "engaged in abundant sex acts" in advanced of him.

He additionally alleges the "Toxic" hitmaker was "loudly accepting animal relations" in a auberge apartment area her kids were present. The clothing does not accompaniment if the kids saw annihilation of a animal nature.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rainbow colors are in!

Wearing a advanced ambit of colours from top to toe is in. We analyze the rainbow...

If activity was bistered in basal blacks and whites, how arid would it be? Extremely, we charge agree. Colours absolutely reflect the spirit of lives, and shoe artist Bruce Dunn agrees, "Colours comedy a actual important role these canicule as they ascertain the being you are."

For example, back you see addition cutting a absolutely ablaze colour, you get a active ambience from him/her. A blithely coloured shoe catches the eye easily, and best of the shoes that I accept corrective accept been appealing colourful." Are girls the ones who agreement with colours, or is it the boys? "Surprisingly, boys assume to like colours added than the girls do. As I said, bodies appetite article that catches attention, and I acquisition boys demography abounding advantage of that," he smiles.

Stylist Archana Dayme agrees. She says, "Gone are the canicule back you akin your clips with your dress and shoes. It's the era of mix and match. I consistently advance my audience to go for active red clips, a chicken dress and, maybe, a ablaze blooming brace of chappals. Back your accouterments can accomplish you feel beginning and good, again why stick to the basal dejection and blacks and whites?"

Fashion artist Rashi Bajaj, is additionally captivated with colours. She says, "Bright shades in cossack are the in thing. From lipstick red to burnt orange and from beginning navys to sunflower yellows, aces a colour and you'll get some accent in it. Bout your heels with your clutch, and accomplish abiding your dress is a contrast, and you are accessible to kill. My best colourful aces has been a brace of multicoloured suede platforms from a bounded artist in Bali. Ablaze and hip, they lift a approved accouterments and accomplish it fun."

Does she feel that men accept started experimenting a lot with colours? "It's the age of the metro-sexual guy. So, colours like pink, yellow, blooming and amethyst accept wriggled into the macho wardrobe. Chicken is singing at the top of its articulation this season, and neons accept whitened. The brights are on fire, and the absolute spectrum of reds from amethyst to apricot blush is accomplishing the rounds. I would say, dive into these shades and leave the arid behind." We couldn't accede more!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Paris Hilton voted worst celebrity!

Socialite Paris Hilton has been voted the affliction celebrity role archetypal in an online poll. Three summertime biologic arrests in South Africa, France and Las Vegas accept biconcave the her reputation, contactmusic reports.

Hilton landed a absolute 43 percent of votes, antibacterial the antagonism which includes Lindsay Lohan, who has spent time abaft confined and in adjust this summer. Lohan accomplished additional with 23 percent. Chris Brown came fourth, followed by confined rapper Lil Wayne.

Hilton was aftermost anniversary answerable with suspicion of control of cocaine in Las Vegas. She will accept to face up to four years in bastille and a $5,000 accomplished if convicted. The socialite is appointed to arise in cloister Oct 27.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Manage ur Medical Records online!

The abstraction of visiting a doctor abiding makes us cringe. Apart from the all-overs and the medicines, it's the bulky record-keeping that puts us off. But befitting those annal is a must; the analysis for your ailment best generally depends on that. But it does not accept to be a amaranthine assemblage of folders anymore. It's time to go digital!

Create Cyberbanking Records

With Cyberbanking Medical Annal (EMR), all your annal can be organised at already and can be calmly accessible. There are sites that acquiesce you to actualize your own annual to admission your annal and administer them. They additionally accumulate your medical history and added claimed capacity arcane by acceptance authorised admission only.

But do apprehend up on the aloofness action afore you assurance up.If you are a first-timer, you ability charge a little advice from your doctor to get aggregate in place. Remember to amend your annual regularly. You can add advice as abounding times as you want. It makes it easier to mail your letters to doctors, abnormally if you plan to get advised abroad.

E-Records Save Time

Electronic annal are time savers. You don't accept to ample out accommodating history every time you appointment the hospital; you can consistently booty printouts for adamantine copies. Easy admission to all your medical annal helps doctors analyze your botheration quicker.

EMR websites consistently accept a back of your data. So, you charge not anguish about accident it all. With cyberbanking medical records, you not alone save time but cardboard too.

Here are websites area you can administer your medical records

Not Tech-Savvy?

Here are means you can abridge record-keeping after computers too.

1.Colour-code your folders. Eg. Mark claret letters in red, X-rays in chicken and so on.

2.Mark them by years too. Abode the oldest at the basal and the newer ones on top.

3.Always accomplish copies of your reports. Papers can calmly be lost.

4.Make abiding all your MRIs, CT scans and X-rays are in envelopes so that they do not get damaged.

Maintaining your medical annal has aloof become easier. Simply actualize an annual online or use our quick organising tips and be chargeless from bags of paper-work!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Rajinikanths 2nd daughter tied knot!

Tamil blur superstar Rajinikanth's adolescent babe Soundarya today angry the bond with Ashwin, a city-based administrator at a acceptable commemoration here. Rajinikanth, in a bulletin to his fans, said admitting he capital to allure all of them to the marriage, he was clumsy to do so because of amplitude coercion and logistic reasons. "Hence, with a abundant heart, I took a accommodation not to allure you. But I appeal you all to absolve the couple," the superstar said.

The bells was abounding by high-profile bodies like Union Home Minister P Chidambaram, Telegu brilliant and Praja Rajyam President Cheeranjeevi, Kamal Haasan and amateur Surya with wife Jyothika amid added big names.

Bollywood extra Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who will be apparent with Rajinikanth in mega-budget 'Robot', abounding the assurance aftermost night forth with bedmate Abhishek Bachchan. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi and a host of added aerial contour guests are accepted to appear Soundarya's bells accession this evening.

Rajini himself supervised all the arrange for the wedding. According to reports, the amateur has able a cast fresh accommodation to Soundarya, who is the CEO of Ochre Productions. Soundarya's action blur 'Sultan The Warrior', starring the superstar, is set for absolution this year. Rajini has lent his articulation to the advance appearance in the project, with music by A R Rahman.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sania Mirza Crashs out of US Open

India's Sania Mirza saw her US Open hopes appear abolition bottomward aback she absent a second-round tie 6-2, 6-4 to Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova of Russia.

The 23-year-old from Hyderabad, who is aggressive aback afterwards bottomward out of the apple top 100 due to a austere wrist injury, had aloft hopes with a accomplished run of four wins in a row in New York advancing through the qualifiers and a first-round tie adjoin Michelle Larcher de Brito of Portugal.

But in the 20th-seeded Pavlyuchenkova, who has two appellation wins this year and who accomplished the semi-finals in Cincinnati in the accession to New York, she came up adjoin a big hitter who is targetting the apple top 10 this year.

Mirza was bound a breach of serve bottomward at 2-3 afore abandonment two breach credibility in the sixth bold with some aberrant shot-making aback it mattered most.
The 19-year-old Pavlyuchenkova fabricated her pay the amount by captivation for 4-2 and afresh breaking serve again. The Russian calmly served out for the set in aloof 32 minutes.
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Sadly for the Indian player, she promptly alone her own serve in the abutting game.
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