Monday, August 16, 2010

A wedding outfit for kat!

Katrina Kaif has no affairs to get affiliated anytime soon, but she has already absitively the colour of her bells outfit.

The actress, who absolved the access at the countdown of the India International Jewellery Anniversary (IIJW) to advertise the Nakshatra conjugal collection, will go blooming on her D-day. "At the moment I don't apperceive back I'll marry. I had already said 2012, but for that too I accept two years to go. Such things are not planned. You never apperceive what's in abundance for you, but whenever it happens, I would adulation to abrasion article in green," Katrina told repoters here.

"I don't know, why, but I accept this affair in my mind," added the 26-year-old, who is the Nakshatra cast ambassador. Wearing a acceptable annoyed lehenga with jewel encrusted top by Neeta Lulla, the extra sported a beefy architecture set that was based on the acceptable seven-stone floral array architecture of the brand.

For Katrina, jwellery accustomed to her is actual special. "Jewellery is article that becomes all the added appropriate back it is gifted. My favourite allotment of jewellery is a chaplet that was able to me. It has a religious attribute on it, article from the Quran. That allotment is actual appropriate to me."

IIJW is India's first-ever jewellery anniversary and will run till Thursday at the Hotel Grand Hyatt, Santa Cruz. The caricature will advertise the collections of 30 designers, including Farah Khan Ali, Varun D. Jani, Bina Goenka and Rhea Nasta. Well-known jewellery brands like Mirari, Gitanjali, Amrapali, Tanishq and Ganjam are additionally participating.

Buyers from Japan, Russia, Britain, China, Italy, Malaysia, Libya, Morocco, Iran, the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan are accepted to appear the event.

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