Tuesday, September 21, 2010

5 Top Farmers on Facebook!

Tired of the burghal life? What would you say to a adventitious to escape to greener pastures (literally we mean)? Yes, if you haven’t already heard of the Farmville, it’s an online bold on Facebook that allows you about-face “farmer” overnight! So you can abound your own crops, milk your animals… an

d over time, become a actually affluent farmer. Once you start, it’s addictive!

Don’t accept us? Well then, it’s time to accommodated these air-conditioned cool farmers on Facebook, who actually adulation their job!

The Committed Harvester

21-year-old Dhriti Udeshi, who works with a advice company, is one heck of a absorbed agriculturalist and the alone account updates her accompany get about her are apropos her farm! No admiration she’s accomplished Akin 44 and owns one of the better farms the bold has to offer.

“Farmville is actual addictive. You accept to accumulate a clue of your crops and accumulate agriculture them. In fact, I aloof took a three-hour nap because I knew that afterwards four hours I would accept to autumn my crops,” Dhriti laughs.

Why she’s hooked:

Farmville offers absorbing items to adorn your acreage with during all-embracing festivals like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas. I can’t get abundant of them. Plus, I accept my favourite crops – all the berries because they can be harvested in aloof four hours – and of course, my favourite pet dog Spot!

The Go-Getting Farmer

Eighteen-year-old Engineering apprentice Gautami Nadkarni finds Farmville the easiest and best addictive bold on Facebook. This Akin 32 agriculturalist is consistently aggravating harder to move to the abutting level.

So what does she do back her crops charge to be harvested at a time back she’s in lectures? “That never happens. Back I sow seeds I consistently accumulate in apperception the time it takes to get accessible for autumn and accomplish abiding I can log on at that time,” Gautami says with confidence.

Why she’s hooked:

You can never get apathetic in Farmville. There are so abounding levels, affluence of things to accomplish and so abundant antagonism from adolescent farmers that you are consistently aggressive to move upward.

The Animal Lover

30-year-old baron Kiran Mehra has a animated assignment agenda but she makes it a point to accumulate her bold updated. That explains how she fabricated it to Akin 42.

“It’s fun because it’s not aloof article you comedy for a few hours and leave. You actually alive with it. You accept to bethink to autumn your crops or attending afterwards your pet. It’s like a adolescent that you accept to appear to all the time. It’s become my accepted now,” Kiran explains.

Why she’s hooked:

I adulation the animals. I accept about 80 animals, best of which are pigs. I adulation creating homes for them, whether it’s a horse abiding or a pigpen. I accomplish abiding I get my adolescent farmers to accord me abundant architecture actual to accomplish these homes too.

The Green Giver

Twenty two-year-old Reema Ratin is an artist by day and a agriculturalist by night. She’s absolutely in adulation with Farmville and spends best of her chargeless time arena it. Guess how far she’s reached? Akin 40! Talk about actuality a multi-tasker!

But not everyone’s as captivated as Reema. “My mother consistently wishes this bold never existed so that she could absorb added time with me,” Reema reveals.

Why she’s hooked:

The best allotment about Farmville is the way you can advice your friends. If you apperceive your accompany crops are withering, you can autumn them. You can accelerate allowance accoutrements to your neighbours. It’s aberrant but fun!

The Country Explorer

Priyanka Abbott, a 21-year-old Economics apprentice was abject in by the arduous acceptance of the game. “My accompany batten about it all day continued so I anticipation I’d accord it a try. Today I am added absorbed to it than them,” she confesses.

“Whenever I’m free, I’m on the game. I accumulate aggravating to go to the abutting level,” she says.

Why she's hooked:

The bold has abounding angles. It's not like a chat or car bold area every time you log on you accept the aforementioned being to do. Farmville lets you analyze fresh being and crops. There are your animals, your crops, your neighbours. It's aloof not the accepted stuff!

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