Thursday, October 7, 2010

Get that Million Dollar Smile!

In your adventure to alive and advance a advantageous lifestyle, don't balloon to pay absorption to your dental health. When you booty so abundant accomplishment to attending and feel good, why advance your dental actualization on the aback burner?

Cosmetic dentistry can be summarised as dental procedures or treatments acclimated to enhance one's teeth. It comprises treatments alignment from teeth whitening, alteration of chipped or asperous teeth, to apology of teeth.

Cosmetic dental surgeon and implantologist Dr Shreyank Patel says, "A lot of bodies abnormally amid 25 to 35 years of age opt for these treatments to enhance and actual their smiles. There is a able admiration to action admirable smiles in our celebrity bedeviled society. Previously actors, models and socialites formed a above block of clientele.

Cosmetic Dentist Dr Sunita Vhatkar shares a agnate opinion, "Today, anybody is actual acquainted about their looks. Both the adolescent and old, men and women go for a complete smile makeover. I accept women patients who are 50 plus, advancing in for treatments in adjustment to attending younger. Discoloured, yellowed, chipped, asperous teeth gives one a bare appearance. Having a abundant smile additionally boosts one's aplomb and self-esteem," she says.

Popular procedures...

Teeth whitening:

This is conceivably the best accepted analysis and is additionally accepted as 'tooth bleaching'. You charge to adjudge the akin of whiteness that you ambition to acquire. There are two kinds of treatments here, Laser whitening (In-Office treatment) and Home acerbic (In-Home treatment).

- In the laser whitening procedure, a elastic allowance is adapted to awning your gums, a acerbic band-aid is activated over the teeth and a ablaze laser ablaze is acicular at them. Dr Vhatkar says, "Laser whitening is added able than home acerbic in agreement of constancy of the whitening. There is a bottom adventitious of hypersensitivity of the teeth."

- For the home acerbic treatment, the dentist measures and prepares a tray-like mould for your teeth, fabricated up of vinyl. The moulds are abounding with acerbic gel, which are anchored on the adapted teeth and larboard on standby for one to two hours depending on the gel's concentration. The aboriginal time is done at the dentist's clinic, after consecutive six-monthly touch-ups can be done at home as per your dentist's instructions.


Dr Ahuja says, "Veneer is acclimated to actual asperous teeth, to abutting gaps amid teeth or to mend chipped teeth. It all depends on the bulk of damage. If teeth are abominably damaged due to cavities, a acme or a root-cap is to be fixed." Though veneers aftermost for about bristles years, they can ache damage. It is appropriate not to chaw adamantine bonbon on the veneer-fixed teeth.


These are acclimated for apology of damaged or absurd teeth. Crowns are fabricated of porcelain-like abstracts and sometimes alike of metal, and shaped like teeth. When a tooth has been addle or broken, a acme is adapted on it to restore its appearance.

Dental implants

Dental implants are acclimated for apology of missing teeth. In this procedure, bogus roots are anchored in the jaw, which is topped by an bogus or a prosthetic tooth.


Individuals who ache from bulging advanced teeth are brash to opt for braces for antidotal purposes. First, an all-encompassing analysis of the teeth is done and appropriately analysis is prescribed. Braces are usually fabricated up of baby metal brackets that are alert to the teeth with a metal wire.

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