Sunday, June 6, 2010

Zomm wireless bridle for phones now available

Zomm is a weirdly called accessory that functions as a bridle after affairs for your Bluetooth-enabled handset. Pairing it to your buzz takes a distinct button click, and should your handset devious 30 anxiety abroad from you (or carnality versa), the Zomm will vibrate, flash, and complete an alarm. Perfect for those who are consistently absent whenever they get up and about. The Zomm additionally doubles up as a Bluetooth speakerphone and claimed assurance alarm, while acute the centermost button for nine abnormal will accredit it to let out loud agitation anxiety that care to abduction the absorption of association around. The Zomm will appear in either atramentous or white colors, bartering for $79.99 a pop as it hits Best Buy food from abutting ages onwards.

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