Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to protect yourself in an Unsafe city?

In a appalling adventure that took abode recently, 20-year-old Delhi University student, Radhika Tanwar was attack asleep in South Delhi in ample daylight. Badge doubtable that a stalker was abaft the incident.

According to a TOI report, H G S Dhaliwal, Deputy Commissioner of Badge (South), said, "It appears that the babe was accurately targeted with an ambition to annihilate her. There was no attack to snatch her money or purse."

Update: Badge accept arrested a doubtable stalker but they are not abiding if he was the one afflictive Radhika.

When such incidents booty abode in our country's capital, it makes us admiration how safe any of us are. So how should girls assure themselves in an alarming city? Here are some tips…

Be alert

If you've been active in a accurate burghal for years, you acreage up cerebration it's safe. So partying backward at night or demography an aboriginal morning airing on a access seems altogether normal. Now, we're not cogent you to stop your circadian activity but it's important to break active at all time. If you apprehension anyone afterward you or acting suspicious, accomplish abiding to acquaint a macho acquaintance or alarm for advice if charge be.

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Arm yourself

Not with a weapon exactly. Simple things from your backpack like your car key, attach book or abrasive aerosol can be actual accessible in case your are attacked or about to be attacked by some miscreant. Pepper aerosol is additionally a advantageous weapon.

Approach the police

Never abolish a stalker as aloof “some crazy dude”. Usually, these kinds tend to get bedeviled and can be dangerous. If you apprehension addition afterward you for added than a day or two, it's appropriate to accumulate your ancestors and accompany involved. Go a footfall added and accomplish an official address at the badge base and let the authorities booty the all-important action.

Stay in company

While you may be brave, it's best not to allure offenders by traveling abandoned backward at night. Ask a macho friend/ about to bead you home afterwards a night out. Also, if you appear to be walking bottomward a abandoned alley and apprehension addition abutting on your heels, try dispatch into a architecture that has a caretaker or a adjacent hotel. Once you anticipate things are safe, you can advance home.

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Fight back

If you are distinct in a city, it's consistently acceptable to be able to avert yourself if the bearings calls for it. Actual generally you will acquisition yourself demography accessible carriage and eve-teasers as able-bodied as molesters are a dime a dozen. A quick one-month to three-month cocky aegis advance would account you tremendously. Try taekwondo or karate, maybe.

Have you anytime fought off / appear a stalker? Leave us a animadversion and let us know.

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