Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan convulse seventh best able ever: USGS

The monster 8.9-magnitude convulsion which hit Japan on Friday was the country's better anytime and the seventh better on record, according to US Geological Survey data.
Here are the better consequence earthquakes in history, according to the USGS website:

* 9.5, Chile, May 5, 1960. A convulse off the bank of southern Chile dead added than 1,600 bodies and larboard 2,000,000 homeless.

* 9.2, Alaska, United States, March 27, 1964. A convulse and tsunami dead 128 bodies and acquired astringent accident to the state's better burghal Anchorage.

* 9.1, Indonesia, December 26, 2004. An undersea convulse acquired a massive tsunami that devastated coastlines in countries about the Indian Ocean, ultimately killing added than 220,000 people.

* 9.0, Russia, November 4, 1952. A convulse off the bank of the alien Kamchatka peninsula in Russia's far east acquired Pacific-wide tsunamis.

* 9.0, Peru, August 13, 1868. The anchorage of Arica, which is now allotment of Chile, was hit by a convulse acquainted up to 1,400 kilometres (870 miles) away.

* 9.0, North America, January 26, 1700. A convulse affecting 1,000 kilometres of bank set off a tsunami that beyond the Pacific Ocean and acquired accident to littoral villages in Japan.

* 8.9, Japan, March 11, 2011. An undersea convulse off northeast Japan unleashed a 10-metre-high tsunami which larboard confusion in its wake.

* 8.8, Chilean coast, February 27, 2010. An adopted convulse and tsunami dead added than 500 people, best in the littoral breadth of Maule, 400 kilometres (250 miles) south-west of the basic Santiago.

* 8.8, Ecuador, January 31, 1906. A convulse addled off the bank of Ecuador and Colombia and was acquainted as far abroad as San Francisco.

* 8.7, Alaska, February 4, 1965. A convulse in the alien Rat Islands generated a tsunami appear to be 10 metres high.

* 8.7, Portugal, November 1, 1755. The basic Lisbon was addled by a convulse while abounding association were in church. A division of the city's citizenry perished.

* 8.7, Chile, July 8, 1730. A convulse hit the burghal of Valparaiso, 120 kilometres northwest of the basic Santiago, causing a tsunami which hit added than 1,000 kilometres of coastline.

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