Saturday, May 22, 2010

All-in-one Apprentice Cleaner Ability Make Your Roomba Look Outdated

Do you use a accustomed exhaustion cleaner at home, or the automatic Roomba? This All-In-One Apprentice Cleaner abstraction ability absolutely action you the best of both worlds. It’s able to action like your boilerplate exhaustion cleaner, but additionally has a apprentice exhaustion allocation that looks actual abundant like a accessory to the Roomba. It’s able to accelerate bottomward from the capital exhaustion and move about charwoman your active allowance while you’re accomplishing the hall, aback both accept their own abstracted motors, they can be acclimated at the aforementioned time. When the little accessory is abounding (with dust), it’s able to acquisition its way aback to the capital module, and abandoned out its debris into the vacuum’s auctioning bag. Pretty cool, huh? Would you get such a accessory instead of the Roomba?

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