Saturday, May 15, 2010

Novero Bluetooth headset looks fashionable as necklace

Novero has done Bluetooth-enabled devices in the past, and this time round it will reveal a new Bluetooth headset that resembles a necklace - a fashionable one at that to boot, making sure you can discreetly hide your dorkiness, at least until you receive an incoming call to give the game away. After all, better pin the excuse on talking to a Bluetooth headset than be labeled as nuts, making conversation in thin air despite being dressed to the nines, eh? The new Victoria line will comprise of the Victoria Lapis, Pearl, Stripes, Wave and Victor, where they feature similar specifications albeit different exteriors. Some of the more stunning models retail in the region of $120,000, so chances are you won’t spot anyone wearing one anytime soon.

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