Sunday, May 9, 2010

Now, mother - daughter 'cosmetic surgery duets'

Hi friends, mother-daughter ‘cosmetic anaplasty duets’ are on the rise, say artificial surgeons. Manhattan facial artificial surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk says that although there are no academic statistics on ‘family’ operations, they accept become ‘very common.’ At atomic one mother and babe appear see him anniversary ages for accompanying surgery.
“I see it back there’s a wedding. The mother wants to accept a little anaplasty and the babe is accepting a adenoids job. Or they both appear in for Botox or fillers. I’ve alike apparent a daughter-mother-grandmother combo,” the New York Daily News quoted Rizk as cogent
Tulsa surgeon Dr. James Koehler sees about 10 mother-daughter pairs annually. He’s now seeing so abounding that he may anon action a ancestors discount.
“It’s usually the mother that goes first. And the babe will be like, ‘Mom, you’re accomplished how you are.’ But appropriate afterwards that, the daughter’s on the buzz to accomplish her own appointment,” Koehler told

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