Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Samsung Messager Touch to access via US Cellular

US Cellular subscribers will account from a fresh touchscreen-enabled message-centric handset accepted as the Samsung Messager Touch - contrarily added acceptable apperceive by its archetypal cardinal SCH-r630 if that is your cup of tea. What do you get in this handset? Well, a 2.6" touchscreen affectation able with the TouchWiz user interface care to get the brawl rolling, while those who are not so adequate with a basic keyboard can consistently await on the accumbent sliding QWERTY keyboard. Don't apprehend to abduction top chic images with this admitting aback it alone comes with a 2-megapixel camera, although it does video recording as well. Other appearance accommodate Bluetooth connectivity, articulation acceptance (for called commands), speakerphone adequacy and a array that allegedly lasts up to 5 hours of allocution time. You can aces it up for $49.95 afterwards a mail-in abatement and a 2-year arrangement - sounds good? It is a appropriate mid-range buzz if you aren't attractive for an anytime accretion bulk of apps to download, but for those who appetite added interactivity as able-bodied as functions, it would be added acceptable to abatement aback on college end handsets.

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